Leased Ad Space – How It Works

leasedadspace3Leased Ad Space is an advertising platform where you can have your banners and text ads displayed around the internet. Also, you can send solo ads to LAS members on a regular basis for life, depending on your current level. At the first level you will be able to send a solo ad once every 28 days, forever, and this just costs you a $7 one time payment.
The solo ads are also added as a post to the company blog. This means that it will be view-able for a long time and will be seen by the general public via the search engines, so pay attention to SEO.

las-packagesAt the first six levels the banner and text impressions will get used up so you will need to upgrade from time to time but at each level you get an increasing number of credits. At the top level (7) the credits are refreshed each month and you never have to pay again. Also, you will be able to send your solo ad every 48 hours. What an amazing deal. Banner and text impressions that never end and a solo ad every two days to an ever increasing audience – for life!



So That’s The Product. Now The Business.

As a member of Leased Ad Space you get the option to sell the same product to others AND you get to keep 100% of the commissions, paid direct into your own payment processor. No waiting to get paid. All payments are made member to member. Nothing is paid to the company. Of course the company would be on the top level and so would have a nice income anyway and this would pay for the infrastructure etc.


The 8×7 Matrix

your-downline-2016-10-19LAS is an 8 x 7 matrix and when you join you will be on your sponsors first level and will pay him/her $7. It is a forced matrix so as you get spill-over from above or you recruit people yourself, they will be placed in your first level and they each pay you $7 until you have 8 members on your first level. If you recruit more people or get more spill over they will be placed on your second level and the person on your first level gets the $7. When the people on your second level upgrade to Amethyst(level 2) you get paid the $17. The second level can hold 64 people and when that is full, any spillover or direct recruits will go to your third level and so on. The third level can hold up to 512 members so it could be a little while before you fill this level from you or your sponsors efforts.


The great thing about this 8×7 matrix is that you will get people building their own downline below you, and some are very good at it. Lets say Tom on your first level who emails his list, gets 20 signups in a few days! This means you don’t have to get all 64 on your second level. Tom has filled his first level and put 12 people on his second level very quickly. This is called spill under. Your downline is growing from the efforts of the members of your team. This is very powerful.


transaction-historyWhat happens when someone in Tom’s first line upgrades to amethyst? You get Paid $17. Nice. Unless you have not upgraded to amethyst yourself. In that case, the payment will go to the first amethyst or above above you. Probably your sponsor. This could all happen over night, while you are asleep. I have received more than 20 pass-up’s in the last month or two. It’s extra money for me but I can’t help feeling sorry for the ones who missed out. Moral of the story. Upgrade as soon as you possibly can, or at least stay one or two levels ahead of your downline. If you look at my transactions on the right you will see line 10 $67 and line 6 $27 are just two examples of pass-ups. Line 14 is a pass up but not consecutive. See line12.

In the normal situation, you get paid only once from each person below you and it depends on what level they are on. So if you have some people on your level 5, they will each pay you $67 when they upgrade to Ruby (level 5). You may have received other payments from them if their upline was not qualified at that level.

Do you have to recruit people to Leased Ad Space?

The short answer is no. You can wait for your upline to give you some spill-over and that can happen quickly if you have some active upline members. But there are no guarantees. You may be waiting a while. I was lucky to have an active upline and I got six signups in the first three days and then my first level was filled a few weeks later. I was not taking LAS seriously at that stage and I was busy promoting something else so I was not doing any recruiting myself except for inviting my close friend. Then one of my first level members started marketing heavily and before I knew it. I was making $100 per day. That’s what I call spill-under!

I now have 1168 downline members and have over $4800 in profits! – As I said before, There is no guarantee the same will happen to you. It would be better for you to plan to promote in order to build your own downline, rather than wait for others to do it for you. A percentage of those people will expand your downline dramatically once you start to grow. The larger your downline, the quicker it will grow.

In Conclusion

With an amazing product to use and sell, how could you go wrong? And with the low cost of entry, you have little to lose by trying it out. As the number of members continues to grow, the solo ads alone will be worth the cost. With the probability of spill over at some time in the future you’ll get enough to upgrade for free. I have spent a lot more money on other forms of advertising like solo ads with nothing to show for it. I think this is a no brainer.

Click the banner to the right to sign up for a free tour of Leased Ad Space and why not grab the first package for just $7.



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